Qtx GP104 Seasonal LED Projector - 152.784UK

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Seasonal LED Projector


A weatherproof LED light effect which can project 4 sweeping images onto a wall or canopy. Supplied with 4 interchangeable slides, which have festive and party themed images, projected by 4 super bright white LEDs. A spike is provided for staking into a lawn or flower bed but the effect can just as easily be mounted to a wall or indoors if preferred. Powered from a low voltage mains adaptor with 3m lead for a versatile seasonal or party decoration.
Supplied with 4 interchangeable slides
Super bright LED light source
IP65 weatherproof
Power supply 7-14Vdc 500mA (CC power adaptor included)
LED : colour White
LED : quantity 4
Dimensions 135 x 115 x 95mm
Weight 330g
IP rating IP65 (power adaptor must be indoors)
LED : power 3W
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