Qtx DM-X10 DM-X10 192 Channel DMX controller - 154.091UK

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DM-X10 192 Channel DMX controller


A 192 channel DMX controller with 12 fixtures. Each fixture controls up to 16 channels on each unit. There are 30 programmable bank buttons holding 8 scenes each. These scenes can be programmed into 6 chase sequences each holding up to 240 scenes which can be triggered by sound, manually by tap or automatically by the time faders between 0.1 seconds and 10 minutes. This controller is ideal for small theatres or stage applications.
12 fixtures each with 16 channels
Speed control from 0.1 second to 10 minutes
19" rack mountable or can be used as a stand-alone unit
MIDI connection facility (MIDI IN) to run the unit synchronous with your MIDI unit or compatible software
Blackout button
DMX polarity switch at the rear
8 channel slider with page up and page down
6 chase banks
30 banks each with 8 programmable scenes (240 scenes in total)
Music, auto or manually triggered chase sequences
Power supply 12Vdc, 500mA
Dimensions 130 x 482 x 70mm
Weight 3.5kg
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