Lyyt LR15X LR15X outdoor RGB amplifier/repeater - 154.124UK

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LR15X outdoor RGB amplifier/repeater


Weatherproof RGB amplifier/repeater for extended chains of voltage controlled LED lighting. From any given LED controller, the number of fixtures which can be connected is determined by the power output of the controller. Beyond this limit, it is necessary to boost the power of the control voltage for each colour. Connecting this amplifier to the end of the chain enables more LEDs to be operated from the same controller, making large arrays of colour mixing lighting possible.
Suitable for outdoor applications
Convenient in-line design
Power supply 12/24Vdc
Input/output channel 3 (RGB)
Max. current per channel 5A
Dimensions 98 x 68 x 28mm (ex leads)
Weight 194g
IP rating IP65
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