av:link Twin RG6 Satellite Ext Kit 5.0m - 112.025UK

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Twin RG6 Satellite Ext Kit 5.0m


Black twin satellite extension kit ideal for installing or moving a Sky® or Freesat® box. Comes with pre-connected F-type connectors as used by the professionals and a quality twin satellite cable to ensure no loss to picture or sound quality. Also includes two F-type in-line couplers to enable you to connect to existing cables when relocating your Sky® or Freesat® box.
Everything you need to connect or relocate your Sky® or Freesat® box
Kit includes 2 F-type couplers for joining to existing cables
Cable : diameter 2 x 6.6mm
CSA 0.79mm²
Conductor diameter 1mmØ
Conductor material CCS
Braid 64 x 0.12mmØ
Braid material Aluminium
Screen Alumnium foil
Dielectric 4.6mmØ foam PE
Impedance 75 Ohms
Capacitance 54pF/m
Connector F type
Connector material Zinc alloy
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